Mark Mennell

All Saints Catholic Primary School Mosaic Artwork

Touchy Feeley, ha! This is a Tactile Mosaic!
Mixed glass mosaic elements with laser cut steel
A more colourful entrance to the school!
Forced to have a photograph...well they helped out!

All Saints Catholic Primary School in Wigan, commissioned me to work with the pupils and staff at the school to develop a new piece of art for the entrance area of the school.

Mosaic was chosen for the medium to ensure that the work would last a long time and withstand the elements. More importantly, it would add a splash of colour and lend itself to the spiritual theme of the project.


The children worked on both the design and actually producing the mosaic artwork via a two day onsite art workshop. Once completed, the mosaic artwork was framed by a galvanised steel, laser cut frame which incorporates the children's designs.


It was great fun working with the pupils and staff and I really love this uplifting piece. Find out more...