St Basil’s Printed Mural and Mosaic Artwork

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Whilst St Basil's Catholic Primary School in Widnes, are still enjoying their half term rest, I have 'crept in' and installed their new artwork while everything is nice and quiet!

Earlier in the year, I visited the school and worked with the school council to develop ideas for a new mural artwork. This was an idea that head teacher Mrs Sheppard had to brighten up the entrance to the school. It was also important for the artwork to reflect the Christian values of the school, and be uplifting.

As a group we, came up with the idea of 'turning little fish into big fish', a theme that the pupils and staff were familiar with, and had great potential for content.

The children eagerly got to work drawing pictures to be used in the mural, which were fantastic and definitely provided that something special, (I suppose children's art always does)!

Following this, I weaved the images and text into a 9 metre long sectional artwork, which was then digitally printed on di-bond mounted boards.

To compliment the mural artwork, Mrs Sheppard also asked me to produce a 1.2 metre glass, steel and acrylis mosaic to serve as an entrance feature inside the school reception. I have made many of these for schools, and organisations over the years and it makes a change for the usual boring old signs.

I can't wait for the pupils and staff to get back next week and have a look at what impact the mural and mosaic have made.

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